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Mohammed Issah Leaves As NPP's Communications Director Of Northern Region

Mr Mohammed Issah of the NPP has served notice he will leave his current position as Northern Region's Communications Director to serve in similar capacity in the newly created Savanna Region.

In a statement released this afternoon, Mr Issah said he is saddened by the decision but Express confidence the people he is leaving are equally up to the task of communicating the party policies and programs to the people.

Mr Issah expressed profound appreciation to regional chairman, Mohammed Baantima Samba and every other person who helped his reign as head of the Party's Northern Region Communications bureau.

Read Mr Mohammed Issah's Full Statement Below


 I take this opportunity to humbly submit, that I shall be moving from the current Northern Region to the Savannah Region to serve as the Regional Communication Director for the New Patriotic Party. Without any equivocation, I am saddled with a decision I would have prevented if I had the option.

I am troubled not just because I'm leaving my home, but because I'm leaving a situation I promised to build to the latter. I am troubled because I have to leave a group of very experienced and dedicated communicators.

I am leaving at a time we needed ourselves most, to prosecute a very elaborate agenda we put together for our dear party. I am troubled because I have to disappoint my bosses (Regional Executive Committe) who reposed such confidence in me for the role I was tasked to handle. I am troubled because I am yet to learn from the rich experience here.

Thankfully I'm leaving behind a very united home. I am however excited, that I'm leaving for another equally well accommodating and lovely party persons ready to consolidate power. I am consoled by the fact that we are still together as before.

My strength is renewed for the fact that I'm leaving my home for my home. As a section of the previously named Northern Region, I have worked so closely with almost all political actors in the Savannah Region. I am therefore strengthened by the renewed energy I see today in almost all party persons in the Savannah Region.

I see already a very bright future in a section of the Region I worked for. Thank God I'm coming home. For those who maybe disappointed by my decision to move to the Savannah Region, I can assure you, that the Northern Region is well endowed. I have worked with over 150 dedicated and extremely eloquent communicators who can stand in and probably do better than I did.

May I take this opportunity to thank the Almighty Allah for getting me this far - Alhamdulillah. I am eternally grateful to my kind-hearted Regional Chairman; Chairman Samba who stood behind me when a lot were skeptical about what I could do.

He remained resolute against “all odds” just to ensure I prove my worth. The Elected Regional Executives cannot be left out; they have all been very supportive till date. My adorable Regional Communication membership, that supported my ideas till date, shall always be remembered.

I am so grateful for everything you did for me and the party. I am forever indebted to Family and Friends who stood with me till date. Once again, sorry I have to leave but I must leave. I am surely leaving my home for my home. God bless NPP and God bless our Homeland Ghana 🇬🇭 🇬🇭 🇬🇭

*Mohammed Issah*
*Director of Communications

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