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Alhassan Wajid Writes : Akufo-Addo's Name Will Be Written In Gold

 As a Dagbana(Native of Dagbon) I have long since my formative years been made to understand the protracted conflict in Dagbon had come to stay. That the fault lines of conflict and strife have become immortalised and shamefully but perpetually knit into our societal fabric like a skillful craftsman in a Kente loom. The indoctrination became routine. With brazen yet misplaced advocacy you are programmed sometimes with cautious subtlety and other times with brazen aggression to know and understand that you are either Abudu or Andani first and a Dagomba second. Reason and logical reliability turned on its head to suit the whims and caprices of the beneficiaries of the spoils of war. The tables turned so hard that my brothers from the South will always quizically seek to find out at the slightest indication that you are from the area, whether you Andani or Abudu. Of course, the political actors took a chunk of what they can amass from the conflict cake. For as long as the most political capital could be made from this, the conflict must continue. But, even in the dark trenches of the underworld, when hope seemed lost, diffused and the only glimmer of light snuffed out into some pitch darkness of depravity, the tunnel lit up. Aflamed by the passion of a leader who defied the ordinary commentary and moved a step further and bolder into solving the deeply rooted issues of the Dagbon conflict. When the annals of Dagbonese history with regards to this blot of a conflict is being chronicled, all contributors to peace will be duly acknowledged and the name of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will be engraved in Gold. The "Lunsi and Timpana" (talking drums) will sing songs of appellations about this great man. Like the heroic feats of our great great great grandfathers of old,The story of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo’s exploits in Dagban cannot be forgotten. It will be passed on to several generations yet unborn. I remember reading stories told of him when the two gates visited him at the Jubilee house, the words of honesty, truth and reconciliation. Words that softens the hardest hearts and the brings the most entrenched minds to reason. Words targetted at a progressive Dagbon. Words that gave profound meaning to the Dagomba saying that the best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elder. I felt very proud being a DAGBANA that day. Amongst the lot he will say that, "much as I see myself a Dagomba, I am not an Abudu neither am I an Andani. I am an amalgam of the two great gates. "I am Abudani". The great lion of Dagbon and its people, young and old, the mighty soul of Yaa Naa Mahamudu Abdulai, the enduring spirit of Yaa Naa Yakubu Andani will forever be grateful to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Dagbon rests in serenity, white doves perch on our roofs to herald the dawn of peace at last and for this we will be forever indebted and eternally grateful. May the four gates and the sixteen gods of Dagbon and the almighty Allah bless President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

The Writer, Alhassan Abdul Wajid, Works at office of the President

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