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Sad News:Chief Of Tamale Dies.

Chief of Tamale, Dakpema Naa Alhassan Mohammed Dawuni, has died at age 76.
Palace sources say the Chief died yesterday at the Tamale Teaching Hospital where he was receiving treatment after a short illness.
The Dakpema Naa who has occupied the skin of Tamale since 2008 will be buried today,Sunday July 15,2018,in accordance with the tenets of Islam.
The Chief, during his resign undertook initiatives to repackage and promote Dagbong Culture to the world.He also established the Dakpema Education Fund which supported and funded the education of brilliant-but-needy students.
His decade-long rule was however not without controversies.
In 2016, he infamously dismissed a petition brought before him by a youth group against one of his sub-chiefs who claimed on live radio to have slept with half of Tamale women.
Report by:Iddrisu Z. B.Articles
(Nasara Multimedia)

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