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Cheating Men Cheat Not Married Men

So this should have been on my blog.. but i sent it to facebook first.. pardon me… it will take a while for me to unlearn that habit of posting on facebook first.. but its never too late….

so im bringing the party here…
this is it what i wrote
I saw on a friend’s page…..
“why do some married men cheat”
i know she can see this.. so i will tell her here
and this is what I think anyways.. doesnt have to be true….

my darling ……
married men don’t cheat….
cheating men cheat
married or unmarried
putting a leash on a dog does wonders for how far it can go without you…

but it does nothing for its nature…. it is still a dog.. just on a leash…..

if he wasnt going to cheat on you when you were not married.. chances are.. he most likely wouldnt cheat if you are married…

if he was going to cheat on you when you were not married… chances are.. he still will cheat on you when you are married

its just a ring.. not a castration…..
NB…… same for women who cheat.. we can swap for different animals but the principle remains the same

the discussion is already underway…. lets hear what everybody has to say…

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