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Mzvee, M.anifest and Wiyaala educate Girls of Ketiejeli on Menstrual Hygiene

Every girl has a right to speak and be heard. M.anifest, Mzvee, Noella Wiyaala and Gary Al-Smith inspire girls in Katiejeli to speak confidently about issues like Menstrual Hygiene Management, Anemia and physical exercise.

We believe girls are in the best position to speak about issues that affect them and to suggest how they can be supported. With Koica Ghana Office, we have provided platforms for girls to confidently express themselves.

When girls become adolescents, they're more reluctant to do exercise. This can be bad for their overall health and well-being. They need to exercise their body as to help keep the body and brain active. Wiyaala, Mzvee, M.anifest and Gary were seen with some students in an AmpeChallenge which aims at promoting exercise and play among girls. #ForEveryGirl, fun, play and exercise.

Based at Katiejeli, a village about 130km from Tamale in the Kpandai District. The local school is acting a play on importance of habits that enable child abuse.

Guess what struck me?, Gary Al-Smith.

Apparently, "a big issue here is that young girls come home with phones, computers and other modern gadgets from nearby towns. But, because parents don't really bother what they do with their lives, the children go unquestioned. Many of these girls are involved in stuff (which I'd leave to your imagination) to get these things. But they say work from UNICEF Ghana is helping to change perceptions about what's important: education".

Dorcas a student of Ketiejeli Primary School revealed. "I want to be a journalist". She may be from a small village in Kpandai, but I'm absolutely certain she can be as big as she wants to be. When a girl is educated, she’s more likely to support her family in future.

A relative however noted, "Fathers rapping daughters, teachers doing worse and so on. As for teenage boys, they would always be ready to explore their sexuality and sadly the girls will be the aparatus. How then will the girls perform well in Schools?. I knew very strict girls way back in school boys couldn't play dirty games with. Advice our young girls to brand themselves well please".

"We live in a society that automatically gives men the advantage, if you will be honest. No matter how much a woman brands herself, she is usually judged accordingly to certain norms". Gary Al-Smith said this in his defence.

Let’s teach our children to be friendly with other children, no matter who they are. There’s always another way.

#LetsBeFairGH #ForEveryGirl

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