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NPP Patriotic Youth For Development Support The Stay Of Office By The Mayor Of Tamale.

We the members of the patriotic youth for development(PYD)based in Tamale wish to raise our concerns over a demonstration staged by a certain group of youth in Tamale who claims to be sympathetic to the ruling New Patriotic Party.
The demonstration in a petition,raised issues pertaining to the actions and inactions of the Tamale mayor Iddrisu Musah Superior and for that matter TAMA regarding the on-going decongestion in the central business district(CBD)of Tamale aimed at beautifying the city,creating an enabling environment for free vehicular and human movement,reduce accidents and making the Central Business area more conductive for habitation.
Ladies and gentlemen of the media,do permit me to catalogue some sailing concerns raised by the demonstrators and hence our reservations.
1.The demonstrators asserted that the actions of the task force will affect the fortunes of the New Patriotic Party in the 2020 general elections.The group could have table this concern before the party leadership to be addressed accordingly so that the work could have been fine-tuned because stopping them will amount to endorsement of illegalities in the Tamale central business district and a failure on the part of the city authority in the implementation of good initiative.Our case here is that demonstration should be the last resort.
2.The group also alleged that the assembly carried out an exercise of decongestion unannounced in the fifth paragraph of their petition."As a result of the mayor unannounced decongestion".
We wish to disagree with this claim because the facts on the ground does not support that.It must be stated clearly that announcements and education on why,how and when the decongestion exercise will be conducted was done at the various radio stations in Tamale and people were also recruited to meet with the traders for education at the market at least for Two months before the exercise began.Nonetheless,the task never said they have completed work since they started.How could anybody have been expecting another announcement before he vacate an unauthorized places?
3.The call on the removal of the mayor from office.We cannot standby this call since it has the potentials to ruin Tamale of her developmental agenda.For God Sakes,Tamale is a metropolis that has been lacking behind in developmental ladder in this forth republic.The city authorities just have to put pragmatic measures including decongestion,mobilization of Internal Generated Fund(IGF) and handling of security issues to enable us catch up to yesterday.It is surprising if not striking as odd that motorists who can now ply smoothly on the principalbstreets of Tamale without any human traffic will turn around to call for the removal of the implementer of that project.
My friends of the media,Gone were those days when all the principal streets of Tamale were taken over by hawkers causing too much inconvenience.No Tamalian by then demonstrated against those nuisance.
We therefore seize this opportunity to call on the President of the republic of Ghana through the regional coordinating council to allow for the stay in office,the Tamale mayor Musah Superior to continue with his good works.His actions that are presumed to have a long effect on the party shall be taken care of by the party leadership.It is high time for the people and the authority to perfect a blend of having to change our attitude,implementing good policies(initiatives)and the ability to generate resources for development in order to be ready tomorrow.
We are most grateful to all the media houses both electronic and print.
May Allah richly bless us all.
Thank you
Mohammed Saani Yakubu(Chairman)
Mohammed Seidu(Secretary)

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