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Lil Win and Kwaku Manu are the cause of Kumawood downfall with their fake music talents

Mfoni mbuayɛ ɛma lilwin and kwaku manu

Lil Win and Kwaku Manu are the cause of Kumawood downfall 

Few weeks ago Kumawood actors and actreses and  Some over 500 members of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG)  took to the streets of Kumasi to protest against the increase in foreign telenovelas on Ghanaian screens. The theme of the demonstraion  ‘yammamere eyera, y3gye yade3’ saw stars like Nana Ama Mcbrown, Yaw Dabo among others in attendance.

They stated that the influx of these telenovelas some of which have been dubbed in Twi is crippling the Ghana Movie industry and are urging the Government of Ghana to intervene in the situation.

But closely monitoring the the downfall of Kumawood and Ghanain movies there will be no other persons to blame than Kwajo Nkansah Lil Win and Kwaku Manu.

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Lil Win and Kwaku Manu who won the face of Kumawood and Local movies for a year now are now seen in the music industry rather than movie industry and they have totally abandoned acting and now chasing their music talent which I will say it is "by-force" or fake music talent. These two because of their total involvement in the music industry has shifted a lot of Local movie lovers attention to their music.

Kwaku Manu who is still struggling to make a hit and Lil win who has few hits should their consider their decision of abandoning acting and roll back to the movie scenes again.

If Lil Win and Kwaku Manu should unite and go back to their movie stuffs I think they can revive the local movie and make it better rather than now concentrating on music alone and blaming Akan Telenovelas.


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