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Coalition of NPP Youth Groups In The Salaga North Constituency Welcomes The President To The Northern Region With Mixed Feelings .

We in the Coalition of the NPP youth groups in the Salaga North Constituency wants to welcome the President of the land and the leader of our beloved party,H.E NANA AKUFO-ADDO and his entourage to the Northern Region as he begun his 7-day tour of our part of the country. We have watched with so much glad the speed at which you are running the affairs of this nation we feel so proud to be associated with the NPP.Within this short period the NPP  took over the realms of government, We have witnessed a number of quick social intervention which are very remarkable.Namely,The Free Senior High School Education Implementation,Planting for food and jobs,revamping the collapsed health insurance scheme,paperless port and full introduction of NIA which is expected to create so many jobs for our people.We are so happy for your effective leadership. 

With all these lovely intervention that are remarkable significant to the development of our nation,there is still a loophole in the Salaga north Constituency that need Urgent attention.Our Constituency have not had any appointment in the government.Our leaders who we are  relied upon for support in running the machinery of the youth wing since the creation of the constituency are virtually cash trapped.They spent all their earnings in supporting the party campaign prior to the election.We have no single Authority figure to relate to in the Salaga north constituency.We need somebody we can point to anytime there is a party activity.The constituency executives are virtually jobless,the few civil servants amongst them contributed immensely during the campaign. Unfortunately,some of them lost their jobs in the course of the party and are unable to do much as expected. 

Mr. President,We want to appeal to you to consider our constituent for appointment.You are a listening President and we pray that you will consider our plea for an authority figure.This will keep the spirit of the youth in the party alive and assist us in winning the seat in the next election.
Thank you so much.
Prince Fuseini Tahiru
Abila Mutalib
Alhassan Baba
Published by:Rubai Abdul Waris

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