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District Chief Executive Of Kpandai Cries For Development - Hon Emmanuel Kofi Tatablata

Bad Nature Of Roads In Kpandai District
Kpandai District of the Northern Region perhaps is the most deprived district in Ghana.

The District of Kpandai is one of the infant ones in Ghana, was carved out of the East Gonna District in 2008. Nine years on, the District is far from being called a developing area. Though some District in Ghana also lack some basic amenities, about 95 per cent of communities in the Kpandai District lack almost all the basic amenities for human development.

With an estimated population of about 108,816 in 62 communities, Kpandai District continues to live without a single Tertiary Education, Good Roads, Good Drinking Water and Hospital.

The highest Educational institutions we have in Kpandai District is a Secondary School so you can imagine what our people go through in terms of Quality Education,” The District Chief Executive Hon Emmanuel Kofi Tatablata Said.

"Education is the main priority of the Ghanaian youth, but quality education in Kpandai District is nothing to write home about. His pleading on Government and the stakeholders to come to their aid in finding lasting solutions to problems concerning education in Kpandai District".

Hon Tatablata touched on the uncompleted Midwifery Nurses Training College, the contract was the initiative of the past Government which he will continue with the project because it's one of the best for the District.

But in his speech with NTV. He revealed "if i was the District Chief Executive by then i will have awarded a fresh Contract because the Quantum of Money used in renovating the (Dumped Leprosy Hospital built by the then Germans) is very huge". Even if am to grade them per the work done so far, it will be 40/100, It's so pathetic. He added, with my Government we are almost done with the renovation of the Midwifery Nurses Training College and we are actually going to complete it at the course of this year.

Transportation is one of our most basic human needs. Without it, we would die pretty quickly. We need transportation because all of life’s necessities and pleasures can’t possibly fit within the reach of our static bodies from birth to death.

He added, Roads here are either paths or ones that have been abandoned by contractors after commencing work. The District can not boast of one  good road leading to most of the surrounding communities. Kpandai District is the leading producers of Yaw in the country and most of our roads leading to the communities within the District are very bad which does not help in transporting goods from one place to another within the District.

He revealed, I came to meet a grader "Said to be bought by the then government but did not even construct any feeder roads within the District, it's backed within the premises of the District Office which the engine is being removed".

Water is very important for life. We need water to drink, to wash our hands, to cook, to water plants and many other things. Here, dugouts and rivers are the main sources of drinking water as only ten out of the 62 communities have access to pipe-borne water thanks to UNICEF and the Government of Ghana who constructed the standing pipes in these communities in 2011 under the Guinea Worm Eradication Project.

Access to quality health care is a luxury hence the practice of self- medication by many residents here. They do that with the help of some chemical sellers who visit some communities twice in a week. Again, on health, the District has only one health centre which also has only one Medical Doctor, which is a very big headache to the Residents within the District. According to the Medical Doctor Aboungo Raymond. "Though the facility per the national health insurance grading should be a Hospital, it still remains a Polyclinic.

He Continued, Access to medical consumables, he revealed, is challenging as sometimes requests placed by staff to the regional health directorate is not what is served. “Our major problems here are availability of medical consumables and space, we don’t get orders we place for at the regional directorate. We have only four beds in the labour ward and less than ten in the Male and Children ward's respectively, so you can imagine what happens when the facility is overwhelmed with numbers”.

In terms of poor and inaccessible roads linking CHPS zones, the unmotorable road network coupled with lack/poor ambulance services for referral cases in rural communities are disturbing and alarming.
In fact, the single ambulance in the Kpandai District has broken down, thereby posing considerable risk to pregnant women in emergency circumstances. With the issue of transferring patients from this hospital has become one of the most difficult problem for the center in the sense that if you ask where the ambulance is now, "I wouldn't be able to tell you".

"Two Ambulance donated by the Member of Parliament Hon Matthew Nyindam to aid in transferring critical cases from the centre has also developed some problems. We loose patients everyday when the illness becomes critically. We are pleading on the Government  to come to our aid because "Health" is central to human happiness and well-being. It also makes an important contribution to economic progress, as healthy populations live longer, are more productive.

Hon Emmanuel Kofi Tatablata revealed, It's against this backdrop that Member of Parliament for the Constituency, Hon Matthew Nyindam, organized a Youth forum to bring together the youth in the constituency to brainstorm and identify constituents as a unified force to take the strengths, opportunities, and strategies to fight what he termed their weakness and threats to ensure the needed development. "It was therefore appropriate to call on all of you especially those of you who were in the DCE Appointment race with me, so that we can tap ideas for a collective goal for our people.”

Hon Emmanuel Kofi Tatablata concluded, The legislator acknowledges Rome was not built in a day but thinks a constructive approach by both government and other stakeholders can see the needed development. He urges constituents to own government policies and programmes to ensure a successful rolling out of these policies in the District.

“Successive governments have played their parts and will continue to do so but It is therefore incumbent on us to meet and show direction which will eventually make us the true owners of programmes, policies, and project which government and other developmental partners will introduce.”

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