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Dj Mbieli will be touring Germany and Switzerland with his Gospel Music group.

Information reaching indicates that Ziblim David popularly Known as Dj Mbieli in the media space and affectionately referred to as Mbie Ziblim in the music scene will be touring Germany and Switzerland with his Gospel Music. He together with his group have been invited by Call for Hope to minister in a three week annual Christian festival and mission conference which is slated from the middle of June,2017.The good news is that all the expenses of the trip including accommodation,feeding and air tickets has been sponsored by the organisers of the conference. Speaking to Nasara Multimedia,he expressed his thanks to God Almighty for the blessings and also extended his sense of gratitude to Call of Hope Ghana,especially the Country Director,Rev. Abukari and Joke Yakubu for their sacrifice, selfless efforts and resources invested in him and his team."May God Almighty bless and replenish them,i also pray that in future tours,it will not be me and my group alone but other co-ministers would be made to join".Dj Mbieli is a teacher, radio presenter and a gospel musician who is passionate and burden with a vision of reaching the world with gospel music made in the Northern Ghana tongues.He has his own label Known as the Living Records.However,he is the leader of the singing group "Melodies of GNBC" of his church,Good News Bible Church. #Naawuni ka n dum-ba(I depend on God).

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