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Kpandai District Benefits From UNICEF’s Mobile School Report Cards Project

Kpandai District Education Directorate has been privileged to be part of the 20 districts earmarked to benefit from the current UNICEF’s project.

UNICEF is currently supporting 20 districts out of 216 in Ghana with Samsung tablet, a project called Mobile School Report Cards(MSRC) to improve teaching and learning in Ghana.

It was revealed in a workshop organized by UNICEF at Kpandai GES conference hall that most reasons for low performance in schools include teachers and students absenteeism, inadequate supervision, lack of infrastructure, TLMs etc.

The device is to assist school head masters collate information on teachers and pupils attendance, enrollment, examination records, school meetings and class room management for downward submission to GES headquarters on weekly and termly basis.

With the help of the device, the district directorate would be able to send and receive information from head masters.

The head masters were urged to report teachers who are not punctual in school.

The attendees were made to believe that it would also reduce paper work and the ups and downs movement to regional or national education office, as well as improve discipline of teachers and pupils.

Also, it would enable GES headquarters have access to the reports on pupils, circuit supervisors, district directors and regional directors.

Mr Sextus D. Adikwo, Kpandai District Director of Education urged all head masters to take every step in the workshop seriously as information about teachers would be retrieved from the internet and no longer from paper.

All the head masters in the district were given the tablet to take to their various schools.

Reporting By:Musah Ibn Wahid

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