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HON. EMMANUEL K. TATABLATA Has Been Confirmed As Kpandai District Chief Executive

As per the law of the land of Ghana, the President will nominate Any person he think can represent him in all the Metropolitan Assemblies &District Assemblies in Ghana

This was not different in the Kpandai District of the Northern region of Ghana

HON.EMMANUEL K TATABLATA was nominated by the President of the Republic of Ghana Nana Akkufo Addo Dankwa Addo.
The Nominee was elected into his office as the DCE on 5th May, 2017

Addressing the House, Mr.Nkpentri Thomas, the Presiding member for the Kpandai District Assembly noted that the District lacks portable Drinking water. Asking the Deputy Northern Regional minister (SOLOMON BUAR) to help solve this problem.

The Mp for Kpandai District Hon. Matthew Nyendam Also touched on poverty
"Poverty is a disease and we have to work in hand with the DCE to reduce poverty in the District he noted "

The Officials present were the former DCE for Kpandai District Hon. James Kpajal, The magistrate, Police Commander, Nasara co-ordinator, Mp for Kpandai District & Deputy Regional Minister

HON.EMMANUEL TATABLATA, in his speech indicated that he is ready to work with any person necessary in helping the District
He acknowledged the president Nana Addo for giving him the Nod and nominating him

"Let me used this opportunity to thank the President of the Republic of Ghana for nominating me. He continued by acknowledging his contestants
In his conclusion, he said, You and I have to help developed our own District"

The Deputy regional minister in his remarks indicated that

"I will advised that you give him the Chance to operate as to develop the District.
He however, touched on the peace and stability of The region;
We need peace in the Northern region "

Total number of Assembly men present were 39.
Out of surprise he got all votes in favor of him Which represent 100%
All members of the House endorsed him as the DCE of Kpandai District
He was sworn in by the Deputy regional Minister (SOLOMON BUAR)

Source : Kpandaistarfm

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