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Make hit songs and let NDC Celebrities Sleep- BABY CASH replies A PLUS

Belgium based Ghanaian artiste manageress Nana Achiaa who is popularly known as Baby Cash has thrown  hot jabs to our celebrated hip life artiste, A plus.
According her A plus should stop envying NDC celebrities who campaigned for the biggest opposition party during the 2016 general election and knuckles down on his music career and hit songs.
After closely monitoring A PLUS during and after the 2016 election ,She sees no importance for him to fixate on more National and political issues rather  than his music career.
A source close to her disclosing to, she urges A PLUS to throw the beam on more vital issues like how to make more hits rather than political issues.

Even though she is not affiliated to any political party ,She finds it very necessary for a music to desist from some certain issues in the Ghana especially Politics.

She said this after A Plus has asked  NDC celebs to Return state cars or be chased

According to the Hip life star, after the (NDC) lost last year’s election, what the celebrities who were given the cars should have done was to return the state cars, instead of holding on to it.
The musician has therefore warned the NDC celebrities to return the state cars before it gets worse.
“So why are some of the celebrities or sympathies who were given cars by the previous government still holding on to them?” he asked in his Facebook post.

“You are driving a car without papers. Not to talk of change of ownership. Someone gave you a car without papers and you were happy campaigning for them. You see how cheap you guys are?
“You know where you picked the cars from. If you didn't know at the time of receiving the cars, now you know that what you are driving belongs to Masloc.
“Why don't you return the cars or at least go to Masloc and try to do the right thing?” he queried.
“You want the task force to come after you so that you call it witch hunting abi? What kind of thieves are these ones too calling themselves celebrities” he added.

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