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Dj Parara Fires Back at Fancy Gadam and his Management.

Mohammed Abubakari Naporo popular Known as Dj Parara,the Acting General Manager of Bishara radio,has finally set the records straight about allegations that he sabotaged Fancy Gadam and told Wumpini Issahaku,CEO of Wumpini Agro Chemicals and Chief Agbzor to stop wasting their money in support of Fancy Gadam because he can't win the award.He also denied that he never told Mr.Wumpini and Chief Agbzor not to support Fancy Gadam and his team if they come to them to solicit for funds.
Dj Parara wrote on his facebook wall that "Hmmm,i think that is the luck God has created me with.If i will not support you in your success,i will never fight against your success.I have help,fight,pray,struggle,force myself and holding the biggest enemity in the industry because of the help i have for u and your team. But today u guys claimed i have never host you on radio to talk about your award,when u were about leaving to Accra which means i hate you and i was not in support of you to win the award.U said i went round telling big guys who were suppose to support you with money to win the award to stop wasting their money because you can't win it.u said you had information indicating that after my interview with Maccasio on GBEWAA SHOW i took him as a friend and always spend the rest of my time in Maccasio's house playing FIFA game with him in his room? Meanwhile,i have ever stay in Zogbeli but i don't know Maccasio's house.
Hmm,i thank God and will always praise him more and more for given you the chance to win the New Artiste of the Year in VGMA.Why won't i thank God if i bring you to this point to win the biggest award.I was the first person and the only person to start the campaign by way of bringing you to NTV on Gbewaa Show to talk about the awards and when the code was changed,i struggle with my editor Abdul Somed Cent to edit it in different style to fit the new code and i played it on Friday night,repeat it on Monday afternoon and last week to the VGMA,i played it again on Monday afternoon free of charge as my support.
Bishara radio is the only station and i Mohammed Naporo as a General Manager ordered my Marketing Manager to write LPM for all Djs to be talking about the voting procedure for u to win it for good three weeks free of charge.
I again ordered my Morning Show host Dr.Ken to launch the campaign in his morning show and always put it for discussion on his show every Mondays and Tuesday free of charge.I have my chats with Musiga President,Obour talking about his support for you to win this award since day one,l have even shown some videos to u that i sent to him on watsapp and your events and you knew it.Three days to the VGMA awards,i called you and ask you the way forward and how am putting up things and praying for you to win the award and you boldly told me that your spirit will go down if you don't win this award.And i keep on putting hopes in you till God fulfill our prayers.There are other things that i will not voice out here but only God Almighty Allah will judge me if i was against you to win this award.I know the pay back for good things don't always come as good things but this cannot be my reward from you guys.i would have thank God if i don't have any thing doing with you guys in a respectful manner but not this way. The enmity am holding in the North because of my support for you will have make you guys dead human beings if it were to be in the opposite way.I have manage a lot of musicians in my life and i have never suffered and struggle for anyone of them like u,whiles i don't even manage you.You own Bishara radio and do everything there for free because of me,you always pick phone to call me u need airtime even if It's in the night free of charge.I had over 1000 calls from different regions and all parts of the country to bring you to the Gbewaa Show to come and talk about the award and show it to them because i brought you there and campaigned for you and they really voted for you.So,i must bring you back.I was the first person to watsapp you when you were at the airport to come home and finally you told me to go and see your Management to approve it before you can come to the show,yet you went to different TV station on the same day in Tamale here.I was shocked den.When your fans were to meet you at the airport to welcome you,i was the one they sacked from the office as your loyal fan to come out and organise sound system,kia truck and generator to meet you at the airport within 30 minutes which i did.I came to your float with my car with happiness and clean heart just to welcome you to town and did you know what happed to my car before i went home?
You have received an award and u think Dj Parara is the right person for you guys to try with the award? Anyway,May the good Lord Almighty Allah give us long life and bless us more ".


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